It’s been quite a long time since we updated this! Don’t worry, here we are again!

This time we keep on explaining the initial game’s idea and show how it is evolving.

Looking to the strategy in the game we have blood as the single resource just as Angel proposed in the original concept. It is extracted from the colonized animals and is used to obtain equipment, buildings and upgrades.

The original idea is almost intact and the design has only extended it. To do so we have included new mechanics and new content, for example:

–          New weapons: Insecticide, rifle, syringe

–          New ammunition: Soccer balls for the bazooka, elemental bullets for the rifle.

–          New building: Medic centre, aerodrome.

–          More enemies: Gipsy flies, spiders, mantis.

–          A new vehicle: Combat beetle.

–          Two game modes: Single player as a campaign mode and multiplayer in a free for all.

And many more ideas, but if we write everything down here, this post would be at least 20 pages long. More or less as long as the extended concept document.

Finally we have a screenshot from the game. It has a zoom applied to the place where the flea is:


Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned, we’ll bring news about our first milestone soon!


About fleafleet

Design and development tema of Flea Fleet.
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