First milestone

Hi everyone!

The 8th of January was our first milestone. We made a short presentation with an introduction in which we remembered the basic ideas about Flea Fleet, a Post Mortem until that time where we pointed out what went good and what didn’t. For the last we made a video to visually show what we got.

Here are the main points discussed in the milestone:

–          Accomplished goals:

  • Flea and dog modeling, mapping and animation
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) basic implementation
  • Flea and dog movement
  • Jump from the ground to the dog and backwards with interface interaction
  • Shooting and weapon change with interface interaction

–          Post Mortem:

  • The extended concept document is in a pretty advanced stage but still unfinished
  • Some problems with SVN repository

–          Gameplay preview:


For the next milestone, which is on March 15th, we have decided to start the online multiplayer mode, the building construction on the dogs and the implementation of both the minimap and the general map.

Stay tuned!


About fleafleet

Design and development tema of Flea Fleet.
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