Design changes

It has been only a few days since we updated the blog but we already want to share with you the last changes on Flea Fleet’s design.

After the first milestone we had a meeting with the design coordinator of the master’s degree. JuanD made us rethink about some aspects of the game. The main ideas we had were: Simplify, reduce, get overcrowded.

Simplify the strategic component of our game with simpler instructions to make it lighter and easier, as being a real time game, time is actually an inestimable resource.

Reduce the size of the flea to make everything look really big and recover the feeling of being a flea that we were looking for.

Get overcrowded turning the game into a massive flea battle. The player is now one more soldier in the flea army, an important soldier, one with power, the one that stands out over the others.

To finish with this post we’d like to show you some screenshots about the evolution of the game implementation. In the first screenshot we can see a well established base on a dog with buildings in it. In the second one we see a perspective of the game that the aerial camera may make us forget about, but we should always remind that we are the flea and that is just how the flea sees the world.

Buildings screenshot

Flea perspective


About fleafleet

Design and development tema of Flea Fleet.
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