Second milestone

Attention! Fleas!

The second milestone of our game took place the last week and we managed to progress a lot. When we showed the progress to the rest of classmates, mentors, artists and various bystanders we had the following things:

–          Multiplayer:
We have a really basic but strong online gameplay with a central server that manage the logic of the game. The players can connect to this server and move through the scene. They can also change their weapon and it all will be seen by the rest of the players on real-time.

–          The single player mode has also improvements:
Now we have a life system so you can hurt and kill your enemies.

There are enemy generators so fun won’t end as they will be spawning new enemies without a break.

The main and only resource of our game, the blood, is now in the game. You can get blood from the extractor building and spend it buying new buildings for your base. The amount of blood is show on the upper left corner of the screen.

There is also a building system so you can colonize animals and improve your base.

One more game mechanic showed up from the last changes of the design. We have now a mega-jump that not only allows you to move but to see where you are in the scene in case you are lost.

We also have sound in game when you click the interface buttons or use the shortcuts, when a building is build, when anybody dies, etc.

Regarding the art, the flea and the dog have been remodeled because of the last design changes. There are many improvements on the scene, the interface has been extended and improved and all the buildings have been modeled.

–          Gameplay preview:


–          For the next milestone we have the next goals:

  • Be able to buy and get improvements in game.
  • Vehicles!
  • Implement enemies’ artificial intelligence.
  • Make a quest system.
  • Keep on building the multiplayer mode.

Stay tuned for news!


About fleafleet

Design and development tema of Flea Fleet.
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