Honorable mention in iDÉAME++

Hey everyone!

We just got home really happy after a long, long weekend at iDÉAME. We couldn’t be anything else than happy as we got one of the honorable mentions of the jury.

This was the first time on iDÉAME for each of us so we didn’t really know how it was going to be. One of the most impressive things we have noticed is the amount of professional video game developers at the event. We enjoyed all the conferences and master classes, they were awesome.

Besides, it wasn’t only us who tried some games on the forum. The professional developers also tested our games on Sunday morning and it was a great experience. We are very thankful about their comments as we got a bunch of feedback and positive critics. They all helped us a lot but we wanted to thank especially to Arturo Monedero (Delirium Studios) and Cèdric Bache (Neko Entertainment) who showed a lot of interest testing our game and gave us great advices.

It was a splendid experience both the event itself and the contest! So without any doubt we will be at the next iDÉAME if we can make it!

We also would like to congratulate Pest Control From Outer Space team which has received the other honorable mention. And of course, congratulations to the winners of the contest, Zeus’ Thunderbolt, who are receiving their inclusion in the crowdfunding platform Lánzanos and Vandal’s support in order to publish their game.

In the next post we will explain you all the details about our presentation. But if you feel curious, we have already downloaded a pair of videos to our facebook web. Don’t forget giving us a Like!

Fleas, stay tuned!


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