Third milestone

Hello fleas! Here we are again!

Our third milestone took place the last Friday 26th of April. We talked about what we did since the previous milestone.
–         Bugs. We have focused specially on fixing all the bugs we had and on restructuring the code.
–         Sounds. We have implemented sounds for the shoot of every weapon, the bullets, the steps of the flea, and for clicking inside and outside of the circle.
–         Visual feedback. Depending on what the bullets impact on, blood particles or explosive particles spawn; the cursor icon changes depending on if it is inside or outside of the circle or if it is over a dog that is being touched by the circle; a description appears when the mouse is over a building icon; helping messages which inform that a building has been built, a mission has been completed or the flea can’t jump below a dog; furthermore, loading, death and pause screens have been implemented.
–         Music. Our game has its own soundtrack which you could already hear in some of our trailers. Now you can hear it in game as background music in the main menu and the single player mode.
–         Artificial intelligence. Patrol, follow and attack states have been implemented. Fleas controlled by IA have a vision range and an attack range.
–         Item interaction. Items, which can be found everywhere of the park, can directly be gathered up by walking over them. Although the backpack has a limit of only one item, potions and ammunition can always be picked up because they are automatically added to the player’s arsenal. The Implemented items are medical plants, seeds, potions and ammunition.
–         Beetle. The beetle is a combat vehicle both very slow and very resistent. At the moment, the flea can only get on it, control it and get off it, but for the next milestone you will be able to see the weapons and skills of this animal.
–         Missions. If you tested the demo, you would have already seen that the single player mode has a pair of missions. One of them consists on killing 20 enemy fleas and the other one, in building an aerodrome.
–         Gameplay preview:

For next milestone, we plan to carry on with the vehicles, to implement the upgrades and if there is time, to continue with the multiplayer mode.

See you next time! Stay tuned!

About fleafleet

Design and development tema of Flea Fleet.
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